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.22 Machine gun

The SMG22 Automatic machine gun is a .22cal spitting 12 rounds a second on full auto… Can be single or burst fired. I have sold many to people for non powder fired home defence weapons… Full tactical setup at $699.00… Comes with quick fill HPA Tank

1880’s MODOC Rolling block .357 (Lewis&Clark fame)

The Modoc is a Rolling Block, High Powered, Large Caliber Air rifle.
This lightweight rugged air rifle features a 34.5” aluminum barrel, walnut
foregrip and walnut stock and fires at 1000 FPS+.  Featuring a 34.5” barrel
and a buckhorn site, this gun is extremely accurate and well balanced,
allowing for comfortable shooting.   $1000.00 delivered in USA

Diana.22 for sale

Diana.22 demo for sale… $135 delivered in US only… Approximately 50 rounds thru it… Payment by PayPal Invoice to Kodiak@islc.net….